The Vicissitudes of Gout

Last year the penny dropped that my sore toe wasn’t a niggling running injury when the toe on the other foot began to hurt too. The GP confirmed my hunch and so to get rid of it and hopefully avoid a kidney stone I reformed my diet, again (I’m gluten and lactose intolerant, sadly). Things have been going well, the other toe is now pain free and the original one very much better.

I’ve recently had a bout of flu and was feverish for three days which made me dehydrated and that made my right kidney hurt and a new penny dropped. I couldn’t avoid a kidney stone because I already had one at diagnosis. In the latter stages of a long run I had felt my right lower back and thought it a muscle strain.

Diagnosis is like that, the most likely scenario is the one we naturally look to and there are good reasons for that too. As I’ve aged I’ve pulled more muscles and tendons in the last ten years than the previous 25.

In keeping with the realities of life as a middle aged runner I instituted some back strengthening exercises, largely latter planks. Which have done me no harm and probably something I should have been doing anyway. I’ve added it to the list of exercises I do to stave off pain and strengthen those muscles I used to be able to take for granted. All this knowledge of muscle anatomy has it’s uses.

So, I now must face the fact I have a kidney stone, it’s rumbling away right now so I shall have to drink something. I’m always drinking something. At least the GP took me seriously and I have been blood and urine sampled and had my kidneys and bladder x-rayed. The NHS here in Scotland can be efficient.

I know I’ve got off lightly and there are other horrors I could be enduring. But that doesn’t lessen my chagrin that the thing I had tried so hard to avoid had already snared me. I had better be on my best dietary behaviour then. It’s a good thing my wife likes chicken.